Escaping Sin

  If you know Christ as your Lord and Savior, you probably realized that we are still subject to temptation. As long as we are here on earth, we will be tempted and tried by Satan. We will not reach the goal of total victory until we receive our resurrected bodies and are safe in... Continue Reading →

The Dead Shall Live

The end of this era is coming. This particular time in history is coming to a close. We have been living in the dispensation of the church, and in the year 2033 this epoch will have lasted for two thousand years.  To God a day is a thousand years, and a thousand years is a... Continue Reading →

Soul Food

Think of “Soul Food” and you are reminded of delicious fried chicken, collard greens, and mashed potatoes. However, the type of food I am referring to can’t be found on the Food network. We are alluding to God’s Word, food for the soul. We became children of God by studying the Bible, and here we... Continue Reading →

Our Great Commission

We have a greater commission than angels. God could have chosen angels to spread the gospel, but He did not. Just think about the crowd a cherub or seraph would draw to a Colosseum near you. I can see the headlines now. Next Sunday, here, live at the Colosseum Gabriel the mighty Angel takes on... Continue Reading →


The “walking dead” are words you've  heard before so don’t be confused between fact and fiction. The idea of Zombies is prevalent in movies and television today is found in the Bible. Zombies are all around us. Their hideous looks are a reflection of what people are on the inside before regeneration. In the movies... Continue Reading →

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