Our relationship with God is not how it appears. Our Father is on His knees begging us  to give ourselves over to Him that we may receive our full blessing. His compassionate love should convince us to live, act and conduct ourselves as a living sacrifice so that we don’t conform to this world. We can renew our mind by surrendering our body, soul and spirit to God. Be what God wants you to be and stop trying to be somebody else. It is our spiritual birthright to have an abundant life.

Our relationship with Christian sisters and brothers – We should love all of them the same. Hate evil and hang on to what is good. Be kind  to one another and demonstrate it with brotherly and sisterly love. Always be cheerfully anxious to do good works and be instant in prayer. When things aren’t going your way be patient. Rejoice with them that are happy and cry with them that are sad. Do not be selfish, but willing to share with the less fortunate. Respect one another, try to maintain harmony with our Christian brothers and sisters. After all, we all belong to the same body of believers. Do not set your mind on the high things of this life, but be a humble servant of Jesus Christ. Try to do good for evil and be honest in all your dealings with others.

Our relationship with unbelievers –  If possible we should live at peace with all people. Do not avenge yourselves, leave vengeance to the Lord. If our enemy is hungry, feed them. If our enemy is thirsty, give them something to drink. Anybody can hate and anybody can hold a grudge, but it takes a real born again believer to forgive and forget. Romans 12 NKJV

I have tried to live by these rules for many years and I have failed miserable. However, I get up every morning, say my prayer and try, try again. This is our reasonable service to God.

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