Valley of Decision

 A glow from the sky in the east gives way to an amber light as morning fractures the darkness over the North Carolina mountains. A Ruffled Titmouse is the first to speak into the new morning as sunlight from heaven reaches the tops of the highest hills. As the mountain shadows stretch out of the... Continue Reading →

Try to Love Again

I have great heaviness and continued dejection in my heart because my love has betrothed another. How much longer will my soul pour sorrow from its wounds? How much longer will people gape upon me with open mouths? How long shall my wounded passion exalt itself against me? I am poured out unto the flesh... Continue Reading →

The Wellspring of Our Soul

  From a chasm deep within my soul springs forth a source of continual love: living water sparkling with crystals of faith that contain all understanding and knowledge from above, bursting forth a life surrounded by a fallen world where resides the precious anomaly of hope. Without it, any enthusiasm for life would disappear into... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Interface

  An interface is regarded as the common area between two spheres of influence: practices shared by two disciplines with a common goal of interconnection between spiritual realms. Communication between God and His subsidiaries enables sometimes incompatible elements to coordinate effectively together through prayer. To be in an interface is to communicate directly, in this... Continue Reading →

Death of Convenience

  Since 1980 there have been two billion legal and illegal abortions worldwide, and 97 percent of abortions are a death of convenience. Who is the victim? Who suffers the most? The baby is dead and buried, and its spirit has returned to God. The mother is the one who has to live with her... Continue Reading →

How to Recover Your Conscience

  The first time the word “conscience” was mentioned in the Bible is John 8:9 (NKJV) We have the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus into disagreeing with the laws of Moses. They brought to Him a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery, and according to Mosaic Law she should be stoned... Continue Reading →

Lost In a Lost World

  So many people are dying, blinded by the darkness of their minds. Some are living an illusion of racial pride, while others believe it is nation against nation. Just another form of hatred—placing themselves above others, condemning those who do not agree with their way, and killing those who refuse to submit to their... Continue Reading →

The Right Attitude

  Every single day we make a choice. It determines our wellness of mind, and our success in life. It determines how much stress we place on ourselves and how we approach other people. Our attitude is how we choose to respond to what has been done to us in the past. Our attitude determines... Continue Reading →

Walking in the Spirit of Love

  When we accept Christ as our Savior we instantly receive the Holy Spirit. We are filled by the Holy Spirit through faith. How much influence you want the Holy Spirit to have in your life is up to you. Many people believe, are baptized, and that is it, but those of us who want... Continue Reading →

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