Walking in the Spirit of Love

  When we accept Christ as our Savior we instantly receive the Holy Spirit. We are filled by the Holy Spirit through faith. How much influence you want the Holy Spirit to have in your life is up to you. Many people believe, are baptized and that is it. But, those of us who want... Continue Reading →

God’s Kingdom of Love

  There is a place where love abounds, where trust and faith go hand in hand. Where righteousness and justice are the foundations  of a relationship that will last forever. It is not a fairy tale or dream. It is a place inside us and only we and God enter. But it is available for... Continue Reading →


  Our words affect others on a daily basis. We can cause them to be happy, angry, or defensive, lonely, sad. Words can bring people together, or turn everyone against each other. Words can be the truth, or they can be lies. They can produce envy, strife, and evil suspicions. On the other hand they... Continue Reading →

The Virtues of Love

True love is more than emotional feelings, love is motional. True love longs to do something for others regardless whether or not they are friend or foe. True love must give and many times the giving can be costly. Imagine how much it cost God to give to us, the undeserving, to love the world.... Continue Reading →

Teenage Love

  A teenager falling in love is often rushed. Maybe by people in serious relationships at school. Maybe by a friend that’s in a relationship, or even yourself have been obsessed with the idea of being in love. Having a crush on someone may take our mind off of more important things. For example, sometimes... Continue Reading →

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