MY TESTIMONY                                                                                                BY:JAC-QUESIA DAVIS                                                                                                                               

On August 30,2009 was the day I accepted Christ as my savior. I was at Pritchard Memorial sitting down, my heart was beating fast and I was really nervous because I had to walk up in front of the church crowd to let everyone know that I wanted to be saved and accept Christ as my savior. Every since  the day I have stopped worrying about myself and start to care for others which is a change for me. I also have been making wiser decisions in life. “Those who want to save their lives will loose them. Those who want to lose their lives for me will find them.” I like this verse because it means you need to care for others because they care for you. I plan to stay a virgin until I get married and try to get to church every Sunday. I have not shared Christ with no one else . Some of the things I enjoy to do with Kids-N-Christ is to go to church, Camp Ridgecrest to all places where we have fun together. Kids-N-Christ has changed my life by teaching me about God and helping me understand more about life. Things I would like to see Kids-N-Christ do in the future is to keep kids joining and keep spreading all over so all types of kids can join. will be willing to help Kids-N-Christ at anytime by volunteering to pick up kids ,attending activities ,and doing bible study with them. To tell someone about Kids-N-Christ I would say it’s a great program that kids should join because it changes their lives and help them be more cooperative ,also it keeps kids from growing up and wanting to be on the streets and doing things that they shouldn’t be participating in. It’s a great program and I’m glad I join ,it keeps me in church and learning more about God. The basic of gospel of Jesus  is salvation. To become saved you have to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and it has to be from  your heart ,its not just to do it because someone told you it’s the right thing to do.

My Testimony Michael Harris. It was about two years ago when I met Alan Griffin. I mean sure before I met Alan I believed God it’s just that I didn’t accept him as my true , only Savior yet. Then one day I met Alan along with my sister Kayla. Alan taught the ways of Christ and I made new friends ,I learned new things ,I had been reborn in different ways, not so much but I’m working on things like my temper, patience , tolerance, my mental appearance and my continence. But since I’ve been spreading my knowledge of Christ with friends, family, and sometimes people I don’t even know. Some day I want to run my own video game company , but till then I’m just working my way up the ranks till I reach my goal. I’m hoping that in the future kids n Christ will be even better. But in order for kids n Christ to become what I want it to be , I have to make it happen. The way I would is by taking care of the club house, the van, the bibles and telling the kids more about Christ , but how to tell them about it. Hey you should really become a member of kids n Christ, you learn about Christ , you have fun too, you should check it out. The true Jesus Christ is always have faith, hope ,pray, read your bible everyday, and never surrender to sin. The only way can truly can be saved ,is to admit everything to god, admit you’re a sinner, and accept the holy spirit and by doing all of that is to pray and read your bible. Thanks Alan, Sincerely, Michael Harris


My name is Peanut. I started smoking when I was 10 years old. I was always hanging around the bad kids. As I got older I started to realize what I was doing was wrong and against God’s will for my life. Then I changed because I started to go to church, and I turned my life to the Lord. Jesus Christ came into my life, and I was changed. What I am doing now is getting my life back together by staying out of trouble and doing what’s right.

My name is Dontrell. Before I started going to church I used to get into a lot of trouble. I hit this boy, and I had to go to juvenile hall for a week, and it wasn’t fun. The kids in juvenile hall were fighting all the time. When I first started going to church I got in trouble too. Then little by little I started to understand the Bible and the pastor. I became a Christian and was baptized. I read my Bible at least twice a week, and go to church every Sunday. My Favorite Verse is Matthew 4:19, And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”



In 2004 at Harbor Baptist Church I accepted JESUS CHIST as

my Savior. The changes I have made since that time was to not steal from the good and forget the  ones I love.

God loved the world so much that he gave away his son Jesus life so that whoever believes in him may not be lost but have eternal life.

If not mistaking I shared Christ with most of my family and friends they all feel good about it.

The things I want to do when I grow up are to share with and help poor, weak, and sick folks all over the world.

I like to make kids happy by playing or doing fun activities with them and teach them right from wrong.

By showing positive attitudes my help or effort to help the poor and maybe do donations to poor people.

I would help people by giving food, water, clothes, and shoes for those that are poor or are struggling for supplies in there lives.

To become save you have to accept Jesus Christ into your life and believes he the one who died for everyone on the planet .Mark 1:14 Christian message life – sacrificial death of Jesus that brings salvation to all that believe.

THIS IS MY   Testimony……  THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF MY   testimony. IT   my LIFE. BEFORE   I became a Christ.  I    did not like come to church.  I   only  come  because  my  mother  make  me  come.  But I like it. More as time went by stare to like it.  Then   one day god speaks to me.

And   he said kyla   it your time.  I    said ok. Then    I became a Christ. Every day  sent  that day  that  god  speak to  me . I life  have  been  better .  There are the people who told me to become a Christ names. My  mother ,dad, Alan, grandmother  , grandpapa   , char; tiara  my  sister  ,heaven  my  sister  ,Gary  brother  ,  Jacques  Davis my  friend That  the  are told  me  to  become  a Christ .And  I  thanks  them  for that .That the end  of  my testimony.  By kyla Bernice hosler.


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